How to start learning?


Contact us   

Please scan the above wechat (or directly add wechat 15802857615) and contact us. We will test your child's Chinese proficiency, listen to your needs, and discuss a comprehensive learning plan with you. For example, if you want to improve your child's ability to memorize Chinese characters, we will test your child's level of Chinese and Chinese character spelling, and suggest a learning schedule for your child.

Free audition

According to your needs, we will arrange a suitable teacher to give your child free audition. You will have up to 3 free Auditions (30 minutes each time). Your child may meet several teachers in these free courses, but your child courses are continuous.

Choosing teachers

After the free audition, it is up to you to decide which teacher you are satisfied with as your child's Chinese teacher. This teacher will be responsible for the whole course of your child's Chinese language.

Start learning

Now you just need to log in your child's learning account at the appointed time, and you can start a happy Chinese learning journey!