• SuperMandarin Chinese Language School, formerly known as the international Chinese teaching center of School of continuing education of Sichuan University, is the Accreditation Center of international Chinese teachers of the United Nations Institute for training and research, and the Global Quality Assurance Center of Pearson group (Global Code: 92480).


    Since its establishment 10 years ago, thousands of overseas Chinese children and foreigners from more than 50 countries and regions have studied Chinese in "Supermandarin" (including if you are the one "Gao Rui", "Congyun" and Chinese Bridge contestant "happy". At present, more than 500 foreigners participate in Chinese Learning in "Supermandarin" every month.


    Supermandarin provides a full range of Chinese learning courses and professional Chinese teaching services for overseas Chinese children aged 4-15. "One to one" teaching is the characteristic of Supermandarin. Supermandarin teachers all have rich Chinese teaching experience and Pearson International Chinese teacher certification. Our professional and enthusiastic teachers welcome Chinese lovers from all over the world, especially overseas Chinese children, to participate in Chinese learning, improve their Chinese skills, enjoy the fun of Chinese cultural exchange and fall in love with China.


Supermandarin 朔博中文

Advantages / 卓越优势

"One to one" super high cost performance

Adhere to "one-to-one" personalized teaching, and formulate a teaching plan according to the actual level of the students. The learning fee for each lesson is about CNY 70 yuan(one to one ,30 minutes).

The classic Chinese Course published by Peking University and specially designed for overseas Chinese children is adopted to help overseas Chinese children systematically improve their ability of "listening, speaking, reading and writing".

Classic Chinese curriculum for children

Authoritative Chinese teaching institution

Formerly "Chinese Education Center of Sichuan University School of Continuing Education", United Nations GPST International Chinese Language Teacher Evaluation Center, PEARSON Global Quality Assurance Center, UK

All teachers have a PEARSON International Chinese Teacher License. You can choose your own satisfactory teacher through up to three free trial lectures, and this teacher will be responsible for your child's Chinese learning throughout the process.

Choose your own Chinese teacher

Over 10 years of successful operation, 3000 international certified Chinese teachers

Supermandarin itself is the authorized certification body of international Chinese teachers by the United Nations Institute for training and Research (UNITAR) and Pearson (UK). It has trained more than 3000 Certified International Chinese teachers in the past ten years. Supermandarin's rich resources of Certified International Chinese teachers ensure that Chinese learners can independently choose excellent international Chinese teachers and enjoy high-quality Chinese teaching services at a preferential price far lower than the market price.